ACBL Bridge Beat #43: Goren Breaks the Rules

In a long cover story on Charles Goren as “King of the Aces,” the September 1958 Time magazine said,

Despite sneers that he is a slave to his own system, few players can break the rules faster and more effectively than Charles Goren. He once found himself in this tournament plight:

♠ 6 4
10 7 6 5
10 6
♣ Q 8 7 4 3
♠ Q 5 ♠ A J 10 8 7 3 2
Q 3 J 2
Q J 8 7 5 4 A 2
♣ A J 9 ♣ K 5
♠ K 9
A K 9 8 4
K 9 3
♣ 10 6 2

On lead against the opponents’ 4♠ contract, Goren took the A-K. The bidding had revealed that East surely held the two missing aces and probably the ♣K. A diamond lead would sacrifice Goren’s king, a club lead would establish a third club trick on which declarer could discard his diamond loser and a heart lead would give up a ruff and a discard. Goren unblinkingly led the ♠9. After taking the trick with dummy’s queen, East led the ♠5 and put down his own jack on the assumption that South would never have led the nine away from the K-9 of trumps. Goren scooped up the trick with his lurking king and later brought home his K to defeat the contract.

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