November 1967
Bulletin Editor Dick Frey is well known as a bridge writer and editor that his accomplishments as a player tend to be overlooked. He was an original member of the Bid-Rite and Four Aces teams and has won mst of the major national titles. After retiring from tournament play from 1937-1941, he made a come back in 1942 and won both the Spingold and the Vanderbilt. For more than 20 years, he had the highest ratio of tournament victories per event entered. He is the author of many books on bridge and other card games and was for many years a highly successful freelance magazine writer on non-fiction subjects.
His wife, Mabel, an accomplished player in her own right who won the Women’s Pairs at the Eastern Regionals in consecutive years, and the New England Team Championship, is a familiar figure at National and International tournaments. Her efficiency as a recorder plays a large part in the production of the World Championship Books.
The Freys play Standard American. As all the members of the Bulletin staff wish to retain their jobs, we have refrained from editorial comments on the answers*. We can only add that we all love Mabel.
Dealer: North. N-S vulnerable.

West North East South
1 Pass 1♠
Pass 3♣ Pass ?

*Since my staff is chicken, let me reply to one obvious question before it is raised: While I do not always agree with my wife’s bidding. I do understand it. RLF
What do you bid as South on each of the following hands?

  1. ♠K Q J 10 8 6 5   9 2    Q 7 3    ♣ 10
    See Dick and Mabel's responses
    Dick: 4♠. The hand must play in spades and perhaps assurance of a self-sustaining suit will let partner bid a slam.
    Mabel: 3♠. I want to get to the spade game without showing strength. I probably would have bid 3♠ over 1.
  2. ♠Q 10 9 7    6    J 10 8 3    ♣A 9 6 4
    See Dick and Mabel's responses
    Dick: 3NT. Unless partner has a real freak distribution. I want to play in the cheapest game.
    Mabel: 3NT. What else?
  3. ♠K 10 9 8 5 3    7    Q J 9 3    ♣3 2
    See Dick and Mabel's responsesr
    Dick: 3♠. Yes I know I have a diamond stopper, but where are the none tricks coming from if partner can’t support spades or bolster diamonds?
    Mabel: 3♠. But only because I never pass 3♣.
  4. ♠A Q J 4 3    5    10 3    ♣K Q 8 7 5
    See Dick and Mabel's responses
    Dick: 4♣. Of course, I’m slamward bound but I’d like to hear whether partner’s force was based on a spade fit — and therefore possibly not a real club suit.
    Mabel: 5♣. As I didn’t cuebid diamonds, partner should realize I have two losers there.
  5. ♠J 10 9 7 6   K 5 4    8    ♣A 5 3 2
    See Dick and Mabel's responses
    Dick: 3. The club raise will follow later. In matchpoint duplicate we may need to wind up in the major suit game or play clubs only at the slam level.
    Mabel: 4♣. I want to hear what partner will do.

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