Louie vs. Murphy

“The candy bar you planned to eat on the way home from the grocery will always be at the bottom of the bag.” — Murphy’s Law extended
Unlucky Louie blames his bad results on bad luck despite all the evidence. When he played today’s 3NT in a penny game, West led a spade from his worthless hand, trying to hit East’s long suit.

Dlr: North ♠ A K 8
Vul: All K J 5
J 5 3
♣ A Q J 9
♠ 6 4 ♠ Q 9 7 5 2
9 7 4 3 Q 10 2
8 6 4 2 A 9 7
♣ 6 5 2 ♣ K 7
♠ J 10 3
A 8 6
K Q 10
♣ 10 8 4 3
North East South West
1♣ Pass 1NT Pass
3NT All Pass

Opening lead — ♠6
Louie played low from dummy — with more confidence than the situation deserved — and East took the queen and returned a spade. Louie next led a heart to his ace and let the ♣10 ride.

Third Spade

East won and led a third spade. Louie had only seven tricks, and when he led a diamond, East took the ace and two spades. Down one.
“Murphy strikes,” Louie sighed.
Louie should win the first spade, lead a heart to his ace and finesse in clubs. When East wins, he has no good return; a heart or spade will cost a trick. If East exits with a club, Louie forces out the A, winning three clubs and at least six tricks in the other suits.

Daily Question

You hold:
♠ Q 9 7 5 2
Q 10 2
A 9 7
♣K 7
Your partner opens 1, you bid 1♠ and he raises to 2♠. What do you say?

To bid 4♠ would be reasonable, especially if partner promises four-card support for his raise. But if he often raises with three-card support in an otherwise suitable hand or often opens shapely hands that are light in high cards, you might settle for a try for game: 2NT or 3♠.

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