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Embrace Bridge on the Weekend with POP-UP Events

Spice up your weekend club games with new POP-UP events! Created to revitalize weekend club games, POP-UPs are special games that can be held at face-to-face or ACBL Virtual Clubs.

What sets POP-UPs apart? The masterpoint awards are 50% red, 50% black!

Throughout the year, clubs have multiple opportunities to host these games, all carefully curated for select weekend dates. Face-to-face clubs have the flexibility to choose from Friday, Saturday and Sunday – one, two or all three days! Virtual clubs can get in on the action with Sunday games.

POP-UPs are not ACBL-wide games, so you’ll be having fun with fellow club members only. Note that some POP-UPs are split over two weekends due to scheduling conflicts.

We know you’ll be eager to see your masterpoint awards in Live for Clubs, but there may be a delay in showing properly pigmented points due to necessary processing by ACBL’s Masterpoint Engine. When the results post to your club’s page, you’ll see the half red.

POP-UPs are optional. There’s no need for a typical game sanction with POP-UPs. Please check with your club manager to see if they’ll be hosting any POP-UP games.

Face-to-Face Club Opportunities

  • April 14, 19-20: April Showers
  • May 3-5: Mother’s Day
  • June 28-30: Father’s Day
  • August 30-31 and September 1: Labor Day
  • November 17, 22-23: Thanksgiving
Virtual Club Opportunities

  • April 14: April Showers
  • May 5: Mother’s Day
  • June 30: Father’s Day
  • September 1: Labor Day
  • November 17: Thanksgiving

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