Second Chance

Goren Bridge

Bob Jones

Dlr: South ♠ 10 6 5
Vul: E-W
Q J 9 5 3
♣ A 10 8 6 5
♠ Q ♠ 9 7 4
A Q 10 6 5 J 7 4
10 8 7 A K 6 4
♣ K Q J 7 ♣ 4 3 2
♠ A K J 8 3 2
K 9 8 3 2
♣ 9
South West North East
1♠ 2 2♠ 3
4♠ All Pass

Opening lead: ♣K

This is another deal from a recent tournament in China. Both tables reached 4♠ on auctions that were only slightly different. Neither West found the killing lead of the ♠Q, reasonably choosing the ♣K instead.

At the other table, declarer won the opening lead with dummy’s ace and ruffed a club. He ruffed a heart in dummy, ruffed another club, and ruffed another heart. Another club ruff was followed by a heart ruff with dummy’s last trump. South led the established 10 of clubs and discarded his diamond when East ruffed. East shifted to the A, but South ruffed with the ♠J. The two high trumps gave him 10 tricks.

At this table, when South ruffed a club at trick two, the West player, known to us only as Liu, casually played the ♣Q. Declarer took this at face value. He ruffed a heart in dummy and led the ♣10. Perhaps thinking that this was a free play, he discarded his losing diamond. Liu happily grabbed this with his jack and shifted to the ♠Q. South won and ruffed another heart in dummy. When he led the ♣8, East ruffed and South now had to lose three heart tricks to go with the club loser. Nice play, Mr. Liu!

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