Zoom Boom

When the coronavirus came, bridge clubs shut down, the bridge-cruise industry sank, and in-person classes and seminars were canceled.

The hunger for bridge learning didn’t wane, however. On the contrary, it burgeoned as people trapped indoors with time to kill looked for a new challenge or outlets for improving their game.

Bridge teachers quickly adapted. If their students couldn’t come to them, they would take their classes to the masses. Teachers and their invaluable technical assistants discovered the interactive videoconferencing magic that is Zoom or GoToWebinar, and armed with PowerPoint handouts and BBO teaching tables, they rushed headlong into the world of online learning.

Many online teaching resources are listed on the ACBL website – more and more every day – ranging from private BBO coaching to small-group play to webinars. Go to acbl.org and click on the Learn tab, then Online Learning Opportunities on the left-hand menu.

Here’s how four popular teachers ramped up their response to the quarantine call for more bridge.

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