ACBL Privacy Policy Updated

The ACBL’s Privacy Policy and Terms of Use were both recently updated. The ACBL has made no substantive changes to its approach to member privacy; the policy was merely updated to make it clearer to the reader. When changes are made to our Privacy Policy that affect you, we are required to notify you and tell you what the changes are.

Here is a quick summary of the updates:

  • We made the Privacy Policy clearer and more readable by using more headings and subheadings.
  • We explained the ways in which we collect your personal information (through tournament entries, surveys, cookies, initial/renewal membership forms, etc.).
  • We explained the use of ‘cookies’, something that we have been using for years and that is standard in the industry. (Cookies identify you and let us know how you are utilizing the ACBL website.)
  • We explained that your information is shared member-to-member through ACBL Live, a service we have provided since 2014.
  • Because some users said that our Terms of Use were unnecessarily repetitive and opaque, we made some changes:
    • The revision is clearer, less repetitive, more user-friendly, and provides better guidance to those requesting member information.
    • We made clear that your name, city and state and your ACBL masterpoint® totals may be published as part of our publishing club and tournament results.
    • We made clear that ACBL recruiters and bridge teachers may contact you under our Privacy Policy.

Thank you for being a member of the ACBL. You can view the updated Privacy Policy and Terms of Use here.

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