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Plenty is in store for Fall this year! We’re going to touch on some upcoming events below, but it’s really just a sampling. Keep an eye on your inbox in the coming weeks for even more.

Fall into Bridge is Back

Fall_into_bridge_thumbnailIt’s been a while since the last online regionally rated event, and we’re happy to announce the return of Fall into Bridge next month (Sept. 15-18). Click here to see the schedule.

We know not all of you are able to make it to a face-to-face tournament just yet, so here’s your chance for some gold and red point action! All games will be held on Bridge Base Online.

Don’t Forget about Face-to-Face Action

Obviously, we’re excited for Fall into Bridge, but we’re also excited about in-person tournaments, too.

If you check out the Find a Tournament directory on our website, you’ll see there are still several sectional and regional tournaments left this month. But if you need more time to plan ahead, take a look at what September has to offer.

Want specifics? We’ve got them! There are eight regionals set to begin next month and more than 60 open sectionals. If you’re a newer player, you might want to check out one of the eight Intermediate/Newcomer (I/N) sectionals. You’d have to try hard not to find a tournament nearby!

The Latest on The Longest Day

We continue to be amazed – and grateful! – for all the work you put into The Longest Day this year. The total is sitting at about $960,000 right now, and once the fees from your games are added, we expect to come in at over $980,000. We’re almost at our previous record of $1 million+! That’s a big jump from last year, and it’s thanks to you.

If your Longest Day fundraising team hasn’t remitted its donation yet, please remember to do so ASAP. You can pay through The Longest Day team website or by using the TLD Check Deposit Form.

Also! In the Fall, we’ll be hosting an ACBL member-only webinar from the Alzheimer’s Association about the latest research and programs. We’ll have specifics soon, but it’s looking like it’ll be in mid- to late-September. (We’ll make sure to record it in case you aren’t able to attend.)

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