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Online Intro to Bridge Course

Maybe you played it in college, or perhaps you saw it on TV or at your parents’ kitchen table – BRIDGE! It’s the ultimate card game, featuring strategy, teamwork and fun.
Are you ready to learn how to play? Presenting Intro to Bridge, a new interactive online course from the American Contract Bridge League.

Each class features hands-on learning with plenty of practice for your new skills. You can expect to begin playing shortly into the first lesson.

If you’re familiar with other card games like spades or war, you’re off to a good start. Both are “trick-taking” games, and so is bridge.

Intro to Bridge was developed with Patty Tucker, an ACBL Hall of Fame member and legendary bridge teacher. She is a leader in bridge education for all ages and specializes in guiding players who are just beginning.

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There are 2 courses – Series 1 and Series 2 – each with 10 two-hour sessions. . They are perfect for brand new players, as well as those looking to get back into the game. The course is virtual (live on Zoom) and includes a lot of small group activities and practice. Click here for course description.

Series 1 starts at the very beginning with “there are 52 cards in a deck” and covers bridge basics, simple play strategies, basic trumping techniques; and introduces the bidding including opening, responding, rebidding and overcalls.

Series 2 covers several beginning bridge conventions, making an opening lead; and pulls it all together with what to expect at the table, finishing with a duplicate game (prerequisite–Series 1).

Each course is $99, and registration includes a digital, downloadable student workbook you can print yourself, as well as a weekly email with the class answer key, any applicable hand reviews, and practice recommendations. You do not need to be a member before registering for this course.

Additional learning resources including links to replay the hands from class and class videos are available for students through the ACBL Resource Center with an ACBL member number. A FREE 120-day Guest Membership is included with your 1st class registration. The link to take advantage of this will be in the confirmation email you receive after registering. This offer is only good for new members; if you are a previous member you will need to renew if you would like to access the ACBL Resource Center.

Please note, for the best experience, you need a computer (or laptop) with speakers and a microphone (webcam is optional). Most tablets will also work but they may make navigation and class interaction challenging. Smartphones will NOT work.

Series 1 Classes Enrolling

  • ♠ Thursdays (7-9pm Eastern, 4-6pm Pacific) August 8 – Oct. 10
  • ♠ Tuesdays (8:30-10:30pm Eastern, 5:30-7:30pm Pacific) Sept. 17 – Nov. 19

Series 2 Classes Enrolling

  • ♠ Wednesdays (6-8pm Eastern, 3-5pm Pacific) Sept. 4 – Nov. 6 (skipping Oct. 16)

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Series 1 Upcoming Classes (registration opens 8 weeks prior)

  • ♠ Wednesdays (10am-12pm Eastern, 7-9am Pacific) Sept. 4 – Nov. 6
  • ♠ Mondays (12-2pm Eastern, 9-11am Pacific) Oct. 7 – Dec. 16 (skipping Dec. 2)

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