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Many of us will get an extra hour of sleep on Sunday (Daylight Saving Time is ending for much of the world).

But! If you’re a night owl, you could use that time for some extra bridge practice! We’ve got minigames on our website that you can play on your own 24/7.

Warm Up to Win Gold

The free practice tourneys for the Fall NABC Robot Individual are coming up, which gives you some time to get more acquainted with the bots on Bridge Base Online before the main event (Nov. 19-21).

There are both single-day and two-day practice tournaments, and they’ll be held over the next couple of weekends. Prizes will be awarded!

Counting Down to the Fall NABC

We’re busy getting ready for the Fall NABC in Phoenix – packing crates, duping deals, editing printed materials and so on – and we hope to see you there!

As we get closer and closer to the big event, here are some things to keep in mind:

Remember, an NABC can be a great place to introduce your friends and family to bridge. The Learn Bridge in a Day? workshop will be offered on the first Saturday, and there are lots of other chances to learn, plus newbies can play against others at their same skill level.

Phew! Did we forget anything? Probably. But you can always check the Fall NABC website .

New and Improved Tournament Portal

Recently we launched a new version of Find a Tournament that features Entry Express and lots of other useful elements.

Click here to learn more about it, compare new and legacy versions, watch helpful videos and read the FAQ.

Or dive right in and start buying entries today!

Website Spotlight: Search Function

When our website was updated, an improved search function was included. It starts providing results the minute you start typing, and the list of results only includes pages where the term you are looking for can be found (a documents section was recently added).

The results are listed in categories, like Information (the primary page where the searched term can be found), Documents (which links directly to documents with your search term) and Top Results (results based on how many views a given page gets).

To search the website, simply enter what you’re looking for in the white bar at the top right corner of any page (the word “Search” is in light gray) and click the magnifying glass.

A plethora of universal tips on getting better search results can be found here.

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