Bianchi wins 0-10K Teams

Winners of the 0–10,000 Swiss Teams Alessandro Gandoglia, Giuseppe Delle Cave, captain Ettore Bianchi and Leonardo Cima

With 146.05 VPs, the team captained by Ettore Bianchi of Stamford CT captured the 0–10,000 Swiss Teams. Bianchi was playing with Italians Giuseppe Delle Cave, Leonardo Cima and Alessandro Gandoglia.

In second place with 133.05 VPs was the team captained by Claire Alpert of Miami, FL playing with Leonardo Fruscoloni of Brooklyn, NY, Juan Castillo of Fort Lauderdale, FL, Carlos Hoyos of Colombia and Barbara Dessi of Rome Italy. In third was Matti Hietalahti’s squad with 105.38 VPs. Hietalahti of Belle Chasse LA played with Rahul Chandra of St. John’s NL, Steve Raine of Nottingham UK and Seppo Sauvola of Finland.





Runners-up in the 0–10,000 Swiss Teams Juan Castillo, captain Claire Alpert, Leonardo Fruscoloni, Barbara Dessi and Carlos Hoyos

Bianchi qualified for Saturday’s two-session final just behind the Alpert team. It is the first NABC win for all of them. “It was a wonderful event,” said Bianchi. “My teammates are very good players. It was my first tournament with my new partner. They carried me to victory.”

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