Computer winner

Hans Leber (Q-Plus Bridge), Yu Peng (Synrey Bridge), GĂ©rard Joyez, accepting the gold medal for Micro Bridge, Zhihui Shi (Synrey Bridge) and Yves Costel (Wbridge5).

Micro Bridge won the World Computer Bridge Championship and was crowned best bridge-bot of the year, defeating Synrey Bridge in the 64-board final, 120-35.
This was a big win for the Micro Bridge Team, as for the past five years Micro Bridge has lost its semifinal or final match.
The other semifinalists were Wbridge5, losing its semifinal match to Micro Bridge 182-140, and Q-Plus Bridge, losing its semifinal match to Synrey Bridge 175-133.
The annual event attracts bridge-bots from developers all over the world, with this year’s bridge-bot developers from Japan (Micro Bridge), China (Synrey Bridge), France (Wbridge5), Germany (Q-Plus Bridge), The Netherlands (RoboBridge), India (TCS BridgeBot) and the USA (Meadowlark Bridge).
For all the results of this year’s event and the 23-year history, go to

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