New Life Masters

Marc Cervellino

Marc Cervellino of Palo Alto CA became a Life Master on Saturday playing in the Stu Goodgold Daylight Gold Rush Pairs with Steve Carr. He needed about 3.5 gold points and picked up 6.36 for placing fifth in the event.

Alex Martelli

Alex Martelli of Sunnyvale CA became a Life Master playing in the Gold Rush Swiss Teams on Sunday. Martelli was playing with his wife, Anna Ravenscroft. Needing just 0.14 points of any color, Alex quipped, “It was hard NOT to make Life Master this week.”

Patrick Staley

Patrick Staley of Sand Diego CA earned his Gold Card playing in the Gold Rush Pairs on Sunday with partner Ramey Farah of La Jolla CA. Staley easily surpassed the 4 gold points that he needed to advance by picking up 14 yesterday.

Barbara Boyle

Barbara Boyle of San Francisco became a Life Master on Friday when her team reached the final of Bracket 4 in the Thursday-Friday Daylight Knockout. She played with Siesel Maibach, Ron Hutton and Arne Wagner. She came into the tournament needing 2.17 gold points and picked up 1.61 on Tuesday. Down to just 0.56, she picked up 8.75 in the KO.

Bette Hirsch

Bette Hirsch of Palo Alto CA graduated to the rank of Life Master in Friday’s Gold Rush Pairs. Needing just 1.49 gold points, she earned 1.91 in the event. Hirsch played with a pickup partner from the Partnership Desk: Gloria Fields of Ft. Worth TX.

Bob Johnson

Bob Johnson of Burlingame CA became a Life Master playing in Bracket 3 of the Thursday-Friday KO Teams. Johnson, who needed 9.10 gold points, picked up 10.56 in the event. Johnson played with fellow Californians Kal Aziz, Patricia Wong and Art Quey.

Laura Kopp

Laura Kopp of Wading River NY earned her gold card in Thursday’s Daylight Gold Rush Pairs. The new Life Master, who played with Patricia Lessord of Port Jefferson NY, picked up almost 5 gold points in the event, more than the 2.93 she needed for the new rank.

Steven Smith

Steven Smith of Watsonville CA became a Life Master playing in the Gold Rush Pairs on Tuesday. Smith played with Carol Avenmarg of Santa Cruz CA.
Smith needed 2.00 gold points to attain the new rank, and earned 2.33 in the contest.

Linda Bucklin

Linda Bucklin of Mill Valley CA became a Life Master on Wednesday when her team placed third in the Tuesday-Wednesday Morning Compact Knockout, Bracket 2, for 2.34 gold points. Bucklin played with Daphne Bransten, Helen Spalding and Chris Turner.

Tim Archdeacon

Tim Archdeacon of Oyster Bay NY became a Life Master in San Francisco playing in the Friday’s regional Open Pairs with partner Mel Colchamiro, also of Long Island NY.
Archdeacon needed 3.69 points of any color to earn his gold card, and he picked up more than 7 in the event.
A data enthusiast, Archedeacon proudly noted that it took him 989 days to become a Life Master (he began playing in February 2017), and he attained his new rank without any online points.

Tony Jackson

Tony Jackson of Santa Rosa CA earned his gold card in Friday’s Daylight Pairs when he and partner Kathy Venton, also of Santa Rosa, won Flight B in the event. Jackson, who needed just over 12 gold points, picked up 15 to advance.
Jackson is the unit president of Unit 509, based in Santa Rosa.



Bridget Poizner

Bridget Poizner of San Diego CA is now a Silver Life Master. She topped the 1000-masterpoint milestone playing in the Fast Open Pairs on Thursday with partner Arda Kabaca of Turkey.

Wayne Gorski

Wayne Gorski of Mission Viejo CA became a new Ruby Life Master (1500 MPs) when his team made it to the semifinal of the Thursday-Friday KO Teams, Bracket 1. Gorski played with Scott Hiller of Naples FL, captain Alfred Tuckman of Laguna Woods CA and Sharon Christenson of Sun City AZ.

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