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The ACBL’s Blackwood Award recognizes achievement away from the table. This year, the Hall of Fame committee took the unusual step of honoring a business: Bridge Base Online has profoundly impacted the game. A free site, BBO lets you kibitz major events and compete in both tournament and casual settings.
In an expert game on BBO, Ira Chorush landed at a bold 4. He took the ♠A, cashed the ♣A K for a spade discard and led the Q: king, ace. He took the jack and led a third diamond. West ruffed in with the jack and led another spade.

Dlr: South ♠ 7 4 2
Vul: N-S 7 4
Q 5
♣ A K 7 6 4 2
♠ K Q 9 6 3 ♠ J 10 5
Q J 2 K 9 6
7 6 K 10 8 3
♣ Q 8 3 ♣ J 10 5
♠ A 8
A 10 8 5 3
A J 9 4 2
♣ 9
South West North East
1 1♠ 2♣ 2♠
3 Pass 3 Pass
4 All Pass

Opening lead — ♠K

10th Trick

South ruffed and led a fourth diamond, and West ruffed in again and led a club. Chorush ruffed and, at the 10th trick, led his eight of trumps to East’s nine.
East was stuck. If he returned a trump, Chorush could take the 10 and ace and win trick 13 with a good diamond. If East led a spade, Chorush could pitch the diamond, ruff in dummy and retain his A-10 of trumps behind East’s K-6. Well done!

Daily Question

You hold:
♠ A 8
A 10 8 5 3
A J 9 4 2
♣ 9
Your partner opens 1♠, you bid 2, he rebids 2♠ and you try 3. Partner then bids 3. What do you say?

Partner probably has only a doubleton heart. With three card support, he might have raised directly or might have jumped to 4 at his third turn. Bid 3♠, forcing. A jump to 4♠ would suggest
♠ A 8 2
A 10 8 5 3
A J 9 3
♣ 9

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