Puzzle This

♠ 7 5
A Q 10 7 5 2
A J 6
♣ K 4

♠ A Q
K J 6 4 3
K 10 3
♣ A 7 5

Playing IMPs, you are in 6. West makes a passive trump lead. What’s your plan?

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You have a possible spade loser and a possible diamond loser. One option is the spade finesse. A two-way finesse in diamonds is also available. Instead, choose door number three – it locks the contract with no finesses!

Here’s the plan: Win the trump lead. Eliminate clubs by playing the ♣K and the ♣A, followed by a club ruff. Then eschew the spade finesse and eliminate that suit too, playing the ♠A Q. It doesn’t matter who wins the spade trick or what they play next. If they lead a spade or a club, you ruff in one hand and sluff a diamond, in the other hand. If they lead a diamond, take the finesse – the guess of the Q has been made for you.