Winners of the Mitchell Open BAM

Winners of the Mitchell Open BAM: Jovanka Smederevac, John McAllister, Alexander Wernle and Sveinn Eiriksson.

McAllister wins Mitchell Open BAM

The team led by John McAllister of Charlottesville VA won the Mitchell Open BAM on Monday. McAllister played with Alexander Werle and Jovanka Smederevac of Austria and Sveinn Eiriksson of Delray Beach FL. Their final score of 39.68 gave them a margin of 2.68 boards.

The McAllister team was well above average in all four sessions. They started with 16 and 17 on Sunday to qualify in fifth place with a carryover of 3.68. A huge first final session of 18.5 – a 71% game – propelled them into first place, and 17.5 in the second final sealed it.

“I can’t believe it,” McAllister said. “We didn’t believe we had a chance. I’m psyched and shocked.”

It is the first NABC+ win for all four members of the team. In Providence this summer, McAllister, Wernle and Smederevac finished second in the Freeman Mixed BAM along with Michael Xu and Olivia Schireson.


Second in the Mitchell Open BAM: Bruce Lang, Corey Krantz, Jerry Stamatov and Ivan Nanev Ivanov.

The team captained by Corey Krantz of Delray Beach, who led after the qualifying round, finished second with a score of 37. Krantz played with Bruce Lang of Palm Beach Gardens FL, Jerry Stamatov of Boca Raton FL and Ivan Nanev Ivanov of Bulgaria.