Your Choice

Goren Bridge

Bob Jones

Dlr: South ♠ A K 5
Vul: All K Q 9 8 2
6 3
♣ K 4 3
♠ 10 9 2 ♠ Q 8 6 4
 — J
K Q 10 9 8 2 A J 7 5 4
♣ J 10 9 5 ♣ Q 7 6
♠ J 7 3
A 10 7 6 5 4 3
♣ A 8 2
South West North East
1 3 Dbl 5
Pass Pass 6 All Pass

Opening lead: K
What would you open as dealer with the South hand? We guess that if this question were put to a group of 100 bridge players, we’d get some support for pass, 1, 2, 3, and 4. When this deal was played at a tournament in China, the South player in today’s deal chose to open 1. He then sat back and watched the show. We are not sure of the meaning of North’s double at his first turn. Most American experts, we think, would bid 4 to confirm a heart fit with sound values for game. He certainly showed a heart fit with sound values at his second turn.
The contract offered very little play, other than finding a singleton or doubleton ♠Q. Declarer did the best he could. He ruffed the opening diamond lead, led a low heart to dummy’s king, and ruffed dummy’s last diamond. South then cashed the ♣A and led a club to dummy’s king, intending to play a third club. Should the defender who won this trick hold the ♠Q, he would have to lead away from it or yield a ruff-sluff.
His plan might have worked on this lie of the cards, but East smartly dropped the ♣Q under the king. This enabled West to win the third club and lead a spade through dummy’s ace-king. There was nothing for declarer to do to save his contract and he finished down one. Nice play by East!